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MyStrands v1.0.0

MyStrands Symbian Freeware By MediaStrands, Inc
MyStrands is a free application that lets you get more connection from your digital music: more music, more friends, and especially more fun! Find friends through music in the MyStrands community. Throw parties and entertain your friends with music, messages, and pictures through partyStrands, the newest MyStrands feature. Tag music, create playlists, and of course, get instant recommendations with other MyStrands features.


  • Throw a music party with your local friends and share it with your online friends. Use partyStrands—the newest feature in MyStrands–to combine your musical taste with that of your friends. Share the music you enjoy, pictures, goofy messages, and then share the results with others on your MyStrands page. partyStrands is the newest way to have fun, interact, and connect with music.

  • Share songs you like. Just rediscovered a great blues song? Click the send icon on the Discover new Music window, and immediately open an email with the name of the song and a link to a 30-second clip. Send it to your best friend. Or to all your friends.

  • Manage your music library. Use playlist builder or Tag Cloud to arrange the music in your library the way you want to hear it. Discover songs you haven’t heard for a while, and share the playlists you create by uploading them to your MyStrands page. Listen to music on your iPod? Use MyStrands to keep track of iPod plays in your personal music history. Got a music-enabled mobile? MyStrands lets your favorite tunes and playlists to your phone for music on the go.

MyStrands for Symbian S60