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NetQin Mobile Guard – Improve your mobile phone performance

The NetQin Mobile Guard applies the best technology for accurately detecting and deterring internet accessing applications. Featured by advanced system optimization, software management and active defense, that is designed to provide users with simple, convenient and power efficient security services.


  • System Optimization:
  • · OS Scan identifies the system problem and helps you fix it to improve the device performance.
    · System management functions help you manage the applications, clean trash to free memory and accelerate start-up speed.

  • Proactive Protection:
  • · Anti-Malware detects and deletes existing Malware to protect your device from security threats.
    · Safe Mode is a crash protection feature, which provides safe environment for solving device problems and prevent the loss of data.

  • Internet Usage Management:
  • · Traffic limit: Control how much you spend on the internet by putting a limit on it
    · Connection log: See how much you’ve used traffic has been transferred in the month
    · Traffic bar: See the amount of traffic coming in or going out in real-time.

NetQin Mobile Guard 2.4