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NiiMe Mouse 0.2

NiiMe is a application programed in Python that use the accelerometers built in a few mobile phones such as Nokia N82, N93 and N95
This application enables users to control and drive the mouse cursor on their desktop computer via Bluetooth using motion detection and gestures using their S60 mobile device.

Install all applications in the phone memory.
1. Install Accelerometer Plug-In and aXYZ Plug-in
2. Install Python for S60 3rd edition (IMPORTANT: Plug-in and Shell)
3. Plug-in a bluetooth adapter (Use its own drivers or Bluesoleil, not Microsoft ones)
4. Open Python in your mobile, go to: “Options>Bluetooth Console” and connect to your computer
5. Run the Niime software, select the COM port of your bluetooth and press CONNECT

Right now Left click button is the “Right Option” button of the mobile and Exit button is the “Red Button”
The “INVERT” function is useful in Google Earth to fly (Press Ctrl+Alt+A in Google Earth)

NiiMe Mouse 0.2 Beta