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Nokia Step Counter v0.21 Beta

The Nokia Step Counter not only counts your steps, it also determines the distance you have covered and your energy expenditure. You can even compare your activity levels on different days by looking up the summaries stored in a handy diary.

Nokia Step Counter v0.21 Beta 1

Want to know how it all works? Your steps are measured by analyzing the output from an accelerometer in your S60 mobile device. All you have to do is carry your phone around with you whenever you move, for example in a pocket of your clothing, attached to a belt or your upper arm, or in a handbag worn over your shoulder.

System requirements
Nokia N95, N95 8GB, and N82

Know Issue:
1. If you have the Activity Monitor from research.nokia.com on your phone, remove it before installing the Nokia Step Counter
2. Height and weight must be entered in cm and kg regardless of whether Metric Units is chosen in Settings -> User
3. If the scheduler is disabled and the Step Counter is run past midnight statistics might be incorrectly allocated to different days

Nokia Step Counter v0.21 Beta