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nuTsie iTunes music Java (Jar/JAD)

nuTsie compares the list of the songs in your iTunes library and playlists with all the music already stored on nuTsie’s Web servers, and then streams those same songs to your mobile phone. It plays all the songs in a shuffle mode. nuTsie pays the artists and recording industry based on your listening to their music..

nuTsie iTunes music Java (Jar/JAD) 1you can use the nuTsie Web player to listen to your music wherever you have a connected PC, at work, at the library, at your friends house, even though you’re away from your iTunes collection. And you can share your nuTsie page with others so they can listen to your music too.

Compatible Devices
LG CU400, LG CU500, Nokia E62, Nokia E65, Nokia N75, Motorola RAZR V3xx, Samsung A707, Samsung A717, Samsung MM-A900M Ace, Samsung M610, Samsung M620 Upstage, Sony Ericsson W600, Sony Ericsson W810i, Sony Ericsson W900i

nuTsie will work best on a better network ?e.g. 3G, EVDO.

nuTsie for java phones