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OmaiProtect v1.00

OmaiProtect is an application used for mobile phone to keep your personal confidential information and out of being stolen. Moreover, OmaiProtect has special feature that is connected world wide database association to track status of any phone by reference to the phones unique identifying code ( IMEI number). Through this feature users can have more chance to get the phone back if its lost or stolen.

• Security password and Remote lock.
a security password is auto activated each time either you power-on your mobile phone or you replace a new SIM card or when you send a secret SMS requesting OmaiProtect to lock your mobile phone then immediately your phone is locked and a security password is required to unlock it. If a wrong password is entered 3 times, not only your mobile is locked but a strong audible sound alert will keep screaming.

• Installed invisibly
OmaiProtect is installed invisibly on your mobile phone and recognizes any exchange of the SIM card within the phone. Invisibility is important, as – if the thief would find out that application will identify him/herself – he or she would immediately throw away the phone and you would never get it back.

• OmaiProtect recognizes SIM card change
If OmaiProtect recognizes SIM card change (for example because a thief entered his/her own SIM card), you will get informed via SMS to an user-given phone number without the thief being able to recognize it.

• Detailed information included
The SMS contains the new phone number, as well as the IMSI (International Mobile Subscription Identifier) number of the new SIM card and (for safety) the IMEI number of the mobile phone hardware.

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• Find out location specific data
Additionally in the future the SMS will contain location data of the position of the mobile phone at the time of the SMS message creation (provider name, area code, broadcast cell ID).

• Get back your phone
This information is enabling the police to find out the thief and to get back your mobile phone!

• Key features
– comes in Vietnamese and English
– GPRS connection is required for the product to work
– Can communicate with our mobile phone database (FoneDataBank) to help track down lost/stolen mobile phone
– Full documentation included
– Invisible/Visible mode: you can easily switch the application from visible to invisible mode and back.
– System can be deactivated / activated, reconfigured as well as being deinstalled at any time by an authorized user.
– SMS is sent without a trace!

Compatible Devices
Nokia 3230 Nokia 6260 Nokia 6600 Nokia 6620 Nokia 6630 Nokia 6670 Nokia 7610 Nokia 9210 Communicator
Psion Siena