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Panda Security for Smartphones

Panda Security for smartphones one of the best and most complete security solutions for mobile devices on the market.


  • On demand scan of files. The on-demand scans allow you to check, detect and delete viruses and other threats from different drives on your mobile device at a specific time.

  • File and message protection. Panda Security for smartphones protects your files and inbound email messages and multimedia message from viruses and other threats.
  • Wireless Protection. The wireless protection is a filter that detects malware that can be sent o received using Bluetooth or IrDA technologies.

Minimum requirements of the smartphone:

  • Operating system: Symbian OS 7.0, 7.0S or Symbian OS 8.0A,8.1.
  • User interface: Series 60 (2nd Ed FP1, FP2, FP3).
  • Storage space: 500 KB. free space in the telephone card.

Panda Security for Symbian phones