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Papaya v1.5 For Java Mobile Phones

Papaya is a mobile phone application that allows you to communicate with your friends cheaply and easily. Using Papaya, you can play games with your friends, chat with them over IM, share pictures and other files, make cheap international calls, and more.
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  • Phonebook
    Papaya backs up your phonebook quickly and easily.

  • SMS
    Papaya lets you send free SMS messages to your Papaya friends.

  • Voice Calls
    Papaya helps you save up to 90% on international voice calls.

  • Chat room
    Papaya makes it easy to meet people and make new friends too! You can visit the chat rooms or create new chat rooms by yourself.

  • Games
    With Papaya your mobile phone becomes a networked game device. It’s really fun to play games with your friends on Papaya.

  • Instant Messaging
    Papaya enables you to use AIM, Yahoo IM, MSN IM, Google Talk, and ICQ — all at once. So you can chat with your friends on IM anyplace, anytime.

  • Picture Sharing
    And while you are chatting using IM or Papaya’s free SMS, you can take a picture with your mobile phone and instantly share it with your friends.

  • Mini Blog
    Using Papaya’s mini blog feature, it’s fun and easy to tell the world what you’re up to.

Papaya v1.5