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Philips Camcoder PRO for Nokia 6600

Philips LifeVibes Camcoder PRO for Nokia 6600/6620 By Philips
The Philips Camcoder PRO is a high quality audio video encoder and player for the Nokia 6600 mobile phone. It provides real-time audio video grabbing and encoding in the MPEG-4/H263 video format as specified by the 3GPP standard. Its PRO mode allows to produce top quality video clips of virtually unlimited duration. It is fully integrated into phone application environments such as MMS, BT, IR and e-mail. The Philips Camcoder also features audio editing to add personal impressions to recorded video clips.

Audio Video Specification:
* Run-time selection of video encoding standard MPEG-4 SP / H.263
* AMR-NB audio grabbing and editing
* Run-time selection of video quality setting : Pro, High, Medium, Low
* Run-time selection of frame rate: 5 fps, 7.5 fps, 10 fps, 15 fps
* Run-time selection of frame size: QCIF, sQCIF