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PhotoFun 1.1 for Series 60v3

PhotoFun Software allows making funny photos merging the predefined templates with phone camera. Some templates are present in the application, more templates can be downloaded from our website or made from your own photos.

With PhotoFun application you can have funny photos for sending to your friends or just for fun. It is very easy to use PhotoFun: you just make photos with your mobile camera with templates. Funny photos are ready for sending with MMS or sharing via Bluetooth.

With PhotoFun you can:
-Make most beautiful sightseeing photos without leaving your room
-Try yourself in a new image: with another haircut or dress
-Show off with your new limousine or standing in front of your gorgeous villa
-Make sexy, glamorous, shining photos with celebrities and send them to your friends for fun
-Make party or wedding photos using templates, just imagine all the fun you can get!

PhotoFun 1.1 for Series 60v3