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Picodrive For 3rd Edition

Picodrive is a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive emulator.
Here is the first release of Picodrive for 3rd edition.It’s almost the same 0.50 that’s available for S60 2nd edition, but lacking some improvements

This is still a alpha version, and there’re problems to be fixed, like the alternate renderer.But it’s quite good for a first release.

Should work with all 3rd edition phones.If it doesn’t work with some game, try changing emulator settings

-For a better performance, go to “Configure screen” and choose “portrait” mode.Also disable the three sound chips in “Configure sound”

-If a game doesn’t work, or music is slow, go to “Configure screen” and choose a region manually rather than using “auto”

Picodrive for Nokia S60 3rd edition