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Picodrive v.0.60

PicoDrive is a SEGA MegaDrive and Genesis emulator for Symbian phones.with Portrait full, displaying Genesis full resolution, with the possibility to scroll left/right in the middle of the game

Picodrive v.0.60 1
if you’re noticing the music is slow in some game, like Sonic the Hedgehog or Sonic the Hedgehog 2 beta, change the region (US/NTSC should work for these games)

If after starting a game you go to main menu, switch to another application and then switch back to PicoDrive, the emulator won’t allow two keys to be pressed at the same time anymore.When this happens, use a application such as AppMan, and switch to “Main” application.In some phones, you can just hold Menu and switch to “Main”, though i’m not sure if it also works.

Picodrive v 0.60 For Symbian Phones
Picodrive v 0.60 For S60v1 (ngage, 3650, and 3660)

For ROM SEGA MegaDrive Genesis: