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PocketCounter v0.79 BETA

PocketCounter Symbian Freeware By Mika Malo
Software PocketCounter is very easy to use but still powerful counter/timer for symbian phones. The main goal in its development was to create comprehensible, small and accurate timing tool without bloating it with gratuitous features. Comfortable user interface with clear digit display and hardware-button support enables handy and smooth operation.

  • subsecond accuracy (~1/64 )

  • UI is designed for single-hand operation with Joystick. Also supports numpad-keys.
  • standard counting-operations; Start, Stop, Pause, Reset, Lap, Elapsed and now also Countdown and Clockmode.
  • “unlimited” list of elapsed and lap times. Only limited by phone’s available memory.

  • export timelist directly to Notepad-application. List can then be sent via SMS, e-Mail, MMS, Ir, Bt
  • tiny executive (~31 kb) to save valuable memory even with included font-bitmaps
  • supports counting in background. Now in special lowpower-mode. Switch to bg-mode with taskmanager.
  • countdown. All features not yet fully implemented .

PocketCounter BETA2 ( 0.79) For s60