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Port Oppo Camera Mod For One Plus One

This camera uses dual flash and you can capture 4K videos with it. It is somehow a good way to enjoy 4K footage on your 4K TV. It includes some modes that we have not seen reportedly in previous model including the best shot. There is even a way to capture multiple shots at a time. If you have no plan to buy the colorOS, you can still enjoy the camera app of phone, thanks to senior XDA member infinityplus.

The developer has generated the ColorOS Camera apk file you can use on other Android devices. Download them from below link and give it a try on your non-oppo device:

Oppo Camera

Plugins State:
Passerby Mode – Working
FilterCamera – Working
AudioCamera – Not Working
Double Exposure – Working
FaceBeautify – Working
GIF Mode- Working
HDRCamera – Working
Mircospur / Magnifier – Working
NightMode – Working
Panorama – Not working
Professional Camera – Working but manual focus is broken
RawPicture – Working
Slow Shutter – Working
Superzoom/HDCamera/Picture Plus – Working
UbiFocus / AfterFocus – Not Working
VoiceBeautify – Not Working