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Psiloc Connect for Symbian 3rd

Psiloc Connect is an application automatically switches between 3G, GPRS or WiFi.Psiloc Connect allows you to connect to the Internet in a smart and convenient way. By defining the Psiloc Connect access point in any application you prioritize the way that application connects to the Internet. Psiloc Connect will choose the best available WLAN connection, if no WLAN is available, it will connect though the 3G/GSM access point defined in the application, or if you please it will only use WLAN connections to keep you connected.

Psiloc Connect for Symbian 3rd 1


  • Psiloc Connect always makes sure you use the fastest possible connection
  • Psiloc Connect allows you to save some money, by not using 3G data connectivity when WLAN is available
  • Psiloc Connect handles access point switching in the background for you, no more of that tedious tasks

Psiloc Connect for Symbian 3rd