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Quickoffice Premier v4

Quickoffice Premier makes it possible by putting full access to “mission critical” Microsoft Office files on any Series 60 smartphone. With Quickoffice Premier, you can read native Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files in memory on cards, as well as receive them as e-mail attachments or MMS messages. Opened documents are complete with formatting including color, varying font sizes, bolding, & italics.


  • Powerful access and editing of your Microsoft Word files
  • Edit and preserve integrity of your original Word documents
  • Advanced user interface for easy editing and review of documents
  • Advanced formatting includes full font control including typeface, size, color, bold, italics, highlight, and underlining
  • Format paragraphs with left, center, and right text justification
  • Cut and paste text, and use Undo and Redo functions while editing
  • Find and Find/Replace functions
  • Import and Read ebooks in the standard Palm OS ‘DOC’ ebook format
  • Edit-protect mode disables editing tools for reviewing files
  • Full integration with e-mail applications
  • See e-mail attachments seamlessly listed in the Quickword file list view
  • Edited Word files are saved as *.doc files, ready to share with colleagues via beaming, bluetooth, or e-mail

Quickoffice Premier v4