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Remote’EmAll 1.02beta

Remote’EmAll is a remote control program for Winamp, Media Player Classic (MPC) and VLC Videolan Player. It uses network (GPRS,EDGE,3G,WLAN) to send commands to PC. It works on phones and mobile devices which support J2ME (Mobile Java MIDP). It has been tested with few Nokia phones, but it should work on any phone supporting Java MIDP2.0.


  • Basic controls for Winamp, MPC and VLC (play,pause,stop,next,prev)

  • Playlist control in Winamp and VLC
  • Few special commands in each remote
  • Socket-server to provide fast search and realtime filesystem browsing
  • Make your own custom commands with socket-server
  • Control almost anything in your computer (as long as you can do it by cmd commands or scripts)

Remote’EmAll 1.02beta