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How To Reset Oppo A16, Format Data Through Recovery and Settings

Some of the ways we’ve shared in this post can help you troubleshoot your Oppo A16 phone. So, don’t panic just yet if your phone isn’t working properly.

Oppo presented the A16 in October 2021 which has pretty tough specifications when compared to phones from other brands at the same price.

As we know, devices that are always used continuously will eventually experience a decline in performance. In addition to performance problems, it can also experience things that we don’t want such as applications that suddenly close by themselves, charging times that are getting longer, often turning off by themselves, SIM cards are not read and many more.

The problems we mentioned earlier are many factors that cause your Oppo phone to become an error. It can all be caused by full storage memory, built-in bugs after updating or indeed because of a virus contained in one of the applications you have installed.

To solve the problems we have mentioned above is to reset to factory settings. Generally all devices have a reset option including this Oppo A16 phone.

How to Reset Oppo A16 phone

Even though this Hp is relatively new, you need to know some ways to reset the article one day maybe your Hp will have problems or when this happens.

Actually all Android smartphones are equipped with a reset feature to restore the condition to the original. Apart from going through settings, you can also go through recovery mode if your Oppo is having trouble not booting.

Notes: Keep in mind that resetting to factory settings will delete all data on your Oppo A16. Therefore, do a backup first.

1. Factory Reset Via Settings

Factory Reset Oppo A16 Via Settings

Actually, how to do a reset on the Oppo A16 device is almost the same as the method that can be used on various other Oppo smartphones, especially those that already use ColorOS 11.

  1. Open the Oppo Settings menu.
  2. Select Additional Settings.
  3. Tap the Back up and Reset menu.
  4. Tap the Reset to Factory Data option.
  5. Next step tap the Erase All Data option.
  6. Confirm by selecting Erase Data.

2. Hard Reset Through Recovery Mode

Apart from doing a factory reset, you can also do a hard reset especially when the phone hangs and cannot enter the menu. However, before doing a hard reset, make sure you still remember your Google email and password.

Make sure the battery is still left at least 50%.

  1. Then turn off your Oppo phone.
  2. Next press the Volume Down + Power button then hold it until the Oppo logo appears.
  3. On the initial display of recovery, you select English.
  4. Select the Wipe Data menu then Format Data.
  5. Then confirm by pressing the OK button.
  6. After the Wiped Successfully popup appears, click the OK button.
  7. The last step please select Reboot.
  8. Wait for the restart process for a few minutes.

There are many uses for this hard reset in addition to overcoming bootloop (stuck oppo logo), it can also fix signal problems that do not appear and viruses that are difficult to remove.

If after resetting your Oppo A16 you still have an error, it is almost certainly due to hardware damage and this can only be repaired by an expert, or if the warranty is still valid you can claim the warranty at an official Oppo service center.

Thus the procedure on how to do factory and hard reset Oppo A16 correctly. I hope this guide allows you to fix your Oppo problem yourself.