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S60SpotOn v0.07

With S60SpotOn you can start the background lighting on their Smartphone durably.If your smartphone (e.g. Nokia N80, N90) supports a camera-flash, you will be able to turn it on/off too

If you get a certificate error when attempting to install the sis-file on your smartphone, it means that you haven’t enabled installation of unsigned SIS files. Go to Tools -> App. Manager, choose Options -> Settings and set Software installation to All and Online certif. check to Off.

Compatible Devices
1. Nokia S60 3rd edition*, like e.g. Nokia E50, E61, 5500, N80
2. Nokia series of 60 2nd OD. (FP3), Nokia N70, N72 and N90
3. Nokia series of 60 2nd edition, like e.g. Nokia 6600, 7610, 6630, 6680

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