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S60Ticker v0.4.4 Beta (update)

S60Ticker v0.4.4 has been released


  • S60TickerServer has left future Symbian Signed converted. Installation file must therefore until further developers with a valid certificate for the IMEI even signed. Required rights “SwEvent” and “Read User Datagram.”
  • Support for hot keys:
    “C” – Long Press: Enables the input mode (Focus) Tickers or hides him.
    During the insertion:
    “C” – Short pressing: Deletes the current ticker element.
    Joystick upward: Positions the ticker up and hides it.
    Joystick to bottom: Positions the ticker down or hide it.
    Joystick to the left / right: adjusting the ticker speed.

  • S60Ticker setup was to the “speed” and “Startup”.
  • Configuration File “server.cfg” no longer open to the public.
  • Support for the following languages added: SP, IT, TC, HK, ZH
  • Input text demo mode for extended – several.
  • Incoming SMS, if any contact with associated data.
  • Internal logic to process the ticker element. Among other is a hidden ticker to fade again stopped.
  • Startup support during installation and for equipment restart. See also new option “Startup (|) from.”

    Running indication of the speed is now changed.
    Known issues:
    At Nokia N95 (depending on the font) a slight flicker.
    “Incompatibility” with the “A4”.
    Long pressing “C” is for other applications disabled.
    SMS acknowledgement is still displayed.
    Installation file S60TickerServer *. sis has even signed.


    First sign S60TickerServer_S_S60_3_X_v_0_4_4.sis with a valid devcert and then install S60Ticker_S60_3_X_v_0_4_4.sisx