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SafeSecret Java J2ME (Jar/JAD)

Safesecret Java Application By Yohanes Nugroho
Safesecret is a free password manager for J2ME/MIDP devices (cellphones). This program will help you store all of your passwords on your J2ME/MIDP capables phone using one master password. With one master password, you wont have to remember all of your secret information (such as logins, credit card numbers, bank account).

Your information will be stored securely using the 192 bit version of the AES (advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm. Using the SHA1 digest function, your master password will not be stored on the phone (only the irreversible salted hash of your master password will). And for those of you who are technically curiuos, every entry has a salt to prevent dictionary attack.

SafeSecret JAVA Application