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4 Ways to take Screenshot in Realme C11

Every Android phone usually comes with a built-in capture feature. Don’t know how to screenshot the Realme C11? Take it easy in this post we will discuss in detail the screenshot features on Realme devices.

Realme C11, which is the most favorite mobile phone by presenting the Mediatek Helio G35 with a kitchen runway like that, it is certain that many users are after it to play the latest Android games with HD quality graphics.

For the camera, Realme C11 is also one of the phones with support for a dual camera of 13 MP + 2 MP. There is no need to doubt the battery capacity, because of the 5000 mAh it offers, this phone can last up to a day on standby.

In addition to the camera, it is also important with the screenshot feature which is useful when there is interesting information on the phone screen for us to save or share. So you need to know how to screenshot Realme C11.

Take Screenshot Realme C11 Smartphone

Realme C11 itself is a phone that was first introduced in mid-2020 which successfully stole the attention with the specifications it carries. Until now, there are still many who use C11 for various reasons.

For those of you new Realme C11 users who may not understand how to take screenshots, then check out the following review. According to TeknoDua, there are several easy ways to take screenshots on this realme phone.

Screenshot using physical buttons

Screenshot Realme C11 using physical buttons

All Realme phones are equipped with a screenshot feature using physical buttons. The average mobile phone user still takes advantage of this feature. Make sure according to the instructions here, in order to successfully screenshot using the Hp button.

  1. Select the area you want to screenshot
  2. Then press the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time.
  3. If you hear a camera sound and the screen flashes, it means you have successfully taken a screenshot.
  4. The screenshot image will be directly saved in the gallery.

Screenshot 3 Fingers Realme C11

The three-finger screenshot method will make the volume button and power button last longer. You as a new user of the Realme C11 phone only need to activate this feature without the need to install a screenshot application.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select Convenience Tools.
  3. Tap Screenshot.
  4. Activate the 3-finger swipe down.
  5. Then swipe up or down the screen with three fingers to take a screenshot.
  6. A few seconds later you will hear a shutter sound.

Screenshot Realme C11 With Smart Sidebar

The Smart Sidebar feature makes it easy for you to perform functions such as screenshots, screen recording, open applications and other features.

  1. First of all open Settings .
  2. Next, click the Convenience tools menu .
  3. Access the Smart Sidebar menu.
  4. The next step, please activate the Smart Sidebar .
  5. You will see a white vertical line on the side of your phone screen..
  6. Swipe the Smart Sidebar then tap the Screenshot shortcut .

Take Long Screenshots

The Long Screenshot feature allows users to take full screenshots of a long form. This method is useful for saving views such as Facebook or Instagram timelines.

How to take long screenshots on Realme C11? Please follow this tutorial.

  1. Open the page you want a long screenshot of, for example a browser that displays a post on more than one screen.
  2. Take a screenshot by swiping three fingers down.
  3. Immediately, the image appears on the Realme C11 screen, then tap the Long screenshot button .
  4. The next step is to scroll the image from the top to the bottom.
  5. When done, tap Done .

Now you can share screenshots of your Realme C11 phone with friends. Hopefully this guide is useful for all Realme users.