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SEFM – File Manager For Sony Ericsson Cellphones

SEFM – The Easiest Way to Manage Your Files on Sony Ericsson Phone – If you want to ensure that the files and folders on your phone are arranged in an orderly manner then you should definitely check out this file manager. SEFM is a nice app which offers you the chance to manage and organize all of your files on your Memory card. It allows you to find any file or folder that you are looking for in an instant.

This app continues to arrange all the files that are added to it so that finding them is never an issue. You will only have to type in the name of the file to locate the folder it is present in.

Thanks to its user-friendly layout and design and intuitive user interface, this file manager can be used by just about anyone.


Allows you to copy, delete, move, and view files and folders.
Ability to work with zip and gzip archives (exceeding the heap), as well as with the pak-files.
Can view images, rotate, reflect, to insert into the screen and save them in formats jpg, bmp, png.
Plays melodies (including those from zip archives) and video.
There is a built-in parser svg and svgz graphics viewer Mascot Capsule models shifrovschik / Decoder files, word processing, visualization player and much more.

SEFM – Sony Ericsson File Manager