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SExplorer Symbian Freeware

SExplorer is a simple File Explorer for nokia symbian 3rd edition and many features this software

* Browsing of C: D: E: and Z: with file sizes.
* Deleting files and directories.
* Opening of files according to their file type (e.g. .txt in Notes application)
* Creating new folders.
* Renaming of files and directories.
* Copying and moving files of files and directories.
* Editing small (text) files under 200 bytes.

SExplorer Symbian Freeware

Compatible Phones
First Freeware Application for the new platform : Symbian 9.1 , compatible with all Series 60 3rd Edition phones. This includes the Nokia 3250, N71, N80, N91, N92, E60, E61, and E70and E70