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SMobile Systems Disinfect v1.00

Commwarrior.C is the latest mobile worm that has the capability to spread via Bluetooth to nearby devices and via MMS to the contacts in an infected device.

SMobile Systems Disinfect v1.00 1At present Commwarrior.C has been detected on Symbian Series 60 devices. The worm generates random messages and sends texts and media messages to the contacts of an infected device. The name of the file is not recognizable as being a known or regular file but the application installation file is always “CWOutcast”.

SMobile Disinfection tool will eleminate the virus and prevent it from duplicating itself. This will prevent it from attacking other devices.

To disinfect your series 60 device please follow the steps below:

1. Install the disinfection tool
2. Close all applications
3. Click “Options” and choose “Disinfect”
4. After the reboot run SMobile VirusGuard
5. Run a full scan

Disinfect Symbian Phones