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SMobile VirusGuard

SMobile VirusGuard Symbian Software bY SMobile Systems
SMobile VirusGuard provides essential anti-virus and anti-malware protection for devices across ALL major mobile platforms. FULL PROTECTION from all known virus and malware threats, including CommWarrior, Gavno, METAL Gear, Velasco, Cabir, and Skulls trojans. Developed in cooperation with major device manufacturers,

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Real-time Monitor auto-scans files received at the device via any file transfer mechanism (e.g. Bluetooth IR desktop synch)
  • On-demand scan of internal memory memory card and/or full device
  • Autoboot when phone is restarted
  • Subscription-based license good for 1 year of virus updates
  • Auto-deletion of infected or suspicious files
  • Full logging of scan and detection activity
  • Full protection from the latest discovered viruses and malware

Your Series 60 device can be an unwitting party to the transfer of any virus file from your phone to other networks. Stop virus activity at the device with SMobile VirusGuard.

SMobile VirusGuard for Series 60