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SMS Anywhere v1.21

SMS Anywhere Standard Edition v1.21 Symbian Software By Wireless Labs
SMS Anywhere can forward incoming and outgoing SMS between mobile phones.
* If you have not only one mobile number and you hope to handle SMS for all numbers with only one phone – SMS Anywhere gives you the answer.
* When you travel to another country, you perhaps would like to have a local mobile number in that country. However you don’t want to miss the messages sent to your original homeland mobile number. – SMS Anywhere is a good solution in this case.
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Following example.
You will travel to another country. So you put your original mobile phone at home and have SMS Anywhere application installed on the phone. When you arrive to destination place and then you get a local mobile number 88888888, you send a short message to your original phone in a pre-defined format with a password (we will mention the format and password in detail latter) to require SMS Anywhere to forward SMS to your new temporary local number 88888888.


  • Forward incoming SMS to another cellular phone automatically.

  • Forward outgoing SMS to another cellular phone automatically. (Standard edition)

  • The application does not have GUI or application icon in phone application menu.

  • SMS Anywhere is configured and controlled by SMS remotely.

  • The forwarded number is configurable remotely at any time.

  • The service can be open and close remotely at any time.

  • The application starts up automatically upon phone boot.

  • The forwarded messages are deleted automatically. (Standard edition)

  • SMS Anywhere detects command messages smart and handles them internally.

  • Delivery report of forwarded messages is disabled. (Standard edition)

  • Information about the message sender / receiver is included in the forwarded message content so the user knows who send / receive the original message. (Standard edition)

  • The log of SMS Anywhere forwarded messages is automatically removed from phone database. (Standard edition)

  • The original incoming and outgoing messages are deleted automatically after they got forwarded. The feature is configurable. (Standard edition)

SMS Anywhere Standard Edition For Symbian Series60 2nd Edition.