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SMSCrypt App Jar for Java Phones

SMSCrypt is a mobile phone application that allows you to send and receive encrypted text messages.

Avoid spying, protect your privacy. Share SMSCrypt with a friend or colleague of yours, set a common secret password with them and communicate more safely.


  • Text message encryption
    SMSCrypt sends and receives encrypted text messages and it also stores them in your device in an encrypted format.
  • Contact based security model
    This means that you can use a different password with each of your contacts. A secure communication channel between you and a contact is created based on a common password that you both agree to use. The importance of this is that if someone theoretically manages to guess or find the password that you agreed to use with someone, your communication with all the rest of your contacts will still be safe since you have the ability to use a different password with each one of them.
  • Custom encryption algorithm
    The encryption algorithm as a whole is not documented, therefore it is difficult for someone to apply brute force techniques in order to find your secret passwords. The algorithm is a custom one and its development was based on the study of cryptanalysis techniques. The custom algorithm is also an advantage if you are one of those people who suspect that well known algorithms have intentional back doors introduced to violate your privacy when needed.
  • Received, sent and draft messages
    The message engine provides inbox, sent and draft functionality to classify different types of messages.
  • Import device contacts (not available in SMSCrypt Lite)
    For your convenience, you have the ability to import all or some of your mobile phone’s contacts. After that, the only thing you will have to do is to set the agreed password(s) for the contacts you want to secretly communicate with.
  • Physical access security (login), (not available in SMSCrypt Lite)
    Some times, securing the transmission of messages is not enough, physical access security is also desired. The login feature prevents other people that can gain physical access to your mobile, from reading your SMSCrypt messages. Notice that the login password is also stored in an encrypted format for increased security.
  • Multilingual support
    SMSCrypt offers multilingual support and currently allows you to select one of the following languages: English and Greek.

System requirements
CLDC-1.1, MIDP-2.0 or later.
JSR 75 (not required for SMSCrypt Lite) and JSR 120 or JSR 205 packages.

You may visit your manufacturer’s web page to see if you mobile device supports the above features.

SMSCrypt Lite 2.3
SMSCrypt Pro