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SPMark for Symbian 3rd Edition

SPMark for Symbian OS v9 is the benchmark for measuring the performance and power consumption of smartphones. It includes tests for measuring high-end 3D gaming performance as well as general usage. With SPMark you’ll see how good your phone really is.

SPMark for Symbian OS v9 includes performance and power consumption tests for 3D, 2D and system workloads. 3D tests include an advanced 3D gaming scene and theoretical tests for 3D performance measurement. 2D section features 2D content displaying and image manipulation tests. The system tests in SPMark represent the real usage of a smartphone, e.g. adding entries to calendar and looking up contacts.

SPMark Features

  • System Tests

  • 2D & 3D Graphics Tests
  • Picture Compression Test
  • Battery Test and Battery Score
  • SPMark Score
  • 3D Score
  • System Score
  • Detailed System Info
  • Customizable test run

SPMark for Symbian 3rd Edition