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Stopwatch Freeware

Stopwatch Symbian Freeware for S60 By Mobipaq
Mobipaq Stapwatch is a fully featured sport- and stopwatch in your Symbian phone. It measures time with an accuracy of 1/100 second and memorises either lap times or split times for you. Stopwatch is extremely easy to use. Basic functions Start, Stop and Reset are used with the navigation key

Mobipaq Stopwatch is a handy helper. You can keep it with out for example in sports events. With split times you get an individual time for each competitor or you can keep track of one competitor’s lap times. You are also able to stop timing and then restart again without reseting first.

Stopwatch Freeware 1

Symbian Series 60 smartphones and the applications are tested at least on the following phone models:

* Nokia 3650
* Nokia 3660
* Nokia 7650
* Nokia 6600
* Nokia 7610
* Nokia 3230
* Nokia N-Gage

Stopwatch Symbian Freeware For Nokia Series 60