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Super GoBoy v1.1

Super GoBoy Symbian Software By WildPalm

The original Gameboy Color Emulator for your phone!
Super GoBoy emulates the GameBoy and GameBoy Color and does not emulate the GameBoy Advance. GameBoy Advance roms (.gba) are not recognised by Super GoBoy.

Super GoBoy v1.1 1Features:

  • Emulates all GameBoy and GameBoy Color roms
  • Full quality sound support, with volume control
  • Runs games directly from Inbox
  • Automatically run games from ZIP or RAR files
  • Games run at full speed on all phones
  • Auto or Manual speed selection – to speed up or slow down games
    Super GoBoy v1.1 2

  • Save/load game support
  • AutoSave – never lose game progress again!
  • Fully definable keys
  • Hotswap A/B buttons
  • Send games to your friends via IR or Bluetooth
  • Full ‘skin’ support
  • Comes with ‘JetPak DX’ public domain game installed

GameBoy roms can be found at the following sites: