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SymbianBible 0.98

SymbianBible 0.98 Symbian Software By Yohanes Nugroho
Symbianbible is a bible reader for devices (mobile phones) that uses Symbian OS Series 60 and 80.
SymbianBible features:

  • Multiple bible version
  • Normal/Fullscreen viewing
  • Redefineable key bindings for Series 60 (useful for those cell phones that has strange
    key placement, like the Nokia 3650 and Siemens SX1)
  • Navigation menu
  • Booklist navigation
  • Bookmark
  • Option to keep the backlight always on
  • History
  • Color selection
  • Greek/Hebrew text
  • Limited support for Chinese (Big5 encoded) texts
  • Copy verse to clipboard (so you can paste them on your SMS/MMS/Notes)

S60V3 (e.g: Nokia E61, E50, etc)
S60V1 (e.g: Nokia 3650, 3660, Siemens SX1, etc)
S60V2 (e.g: Nokia 6600, 7610, etc)
S80V2 (e.g: Nokia 9300, 9300i, 9500)

Supported Phone Models
Except for Nokia 7650, any Series 60 phone should work (including 3rd edition phones). Here are some of the supported models: Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 6600, Siemens SX 1, and Nokia N-Gage, N70, Nokia E50, Nokia E61, Nokia N73).

Any Series 80 devices (Nokia Communicator) should work (which includes version 1 and 2): Nokia 9210, Nokia 9300, Nokia 9300i, Nokia 9500.