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Syntrax v1.09

Syntrax Symbian Software by Klaar Mobile
Syntrax is the modern musician wants when away from the studio! A sequencer, sound synthesis and sample editor all wrapped up in a nice little package!.Never again will you be bored in the train, never again will you whistle that tune and be not able to write it down. Mobile composing is here


  • Upto 8 stereo audio channels simultaneously (previously only 6)
  • Playback of samples with bi-directional looping support
  • Realtime sound synthesis with 15 sound generation effects
  • Realtime effects like filters, morphs and echoes
  • A built in small sample editor
  • A full featured sequencer
  • Dynamic playback options (songspeed, groove, muting etc..)
  • Realtime instrument parameter changing
  • Tons of preset songs and sounds for you to start working with
  • User adjustable sound quality for slower devices
  • Great graphical user interface (knobs and dials)
  • Fast mixing core. Optimized for small devices and limited resources.
  • MIDI and Wav export functions (in the free PC version)
  • Memory footprin

Compatibility list are the Symbian Series 60 devices. These include: Nokia Ngage/NGage-QD/6260/6600/6620/6630/7650/7610 and the Siemens SX1.

Syntrax v1.09 For Symbian S60