T-Fileman File Manager for Symbian^3

T-Fileman is a file manager specially designed all Symbian^3 touch screen mobiles, including Nokia N8-00, C6-01, C7-00, E7-00, E6 and X7. You can easily manage/browse folder/files in both Tree view and List view seperately, similar to the Tree view of left pane and List view of right pane in Microsoft File Explorer. For convenience, there are 6 typical feature buttons of common files operation just at the bottom of the screen.


  • View file/folder in both Tree view and List view seperately, fast switch between them
  • 6 typical feature buttons: New, Rename, Switch, Delete, Copy and Move, which symplifies the menu-driven operation roadmap efficiently
  • File/folder operation:
    • New folders
    • Rename files/folders
    • Copy/Move/Delete files/folders
    • Search files in the current folder
    • Muli-selection, mark file/folders one by one, or mark all from the menu
    • Sort files/folders by size, date, name or type
    • Create shortcut to file or folder
    • Show details of selected files/folders, not just one file or folder
    • Edit file attribute(hidden, read-only, system)
    • Show image thumbnail(jpg/gif)
    • Run/open files in application
  • 3 more skins beside the system one
  • Decide whether display the hidden file or not
  • Decide whether display the system driver or not

T-Fileman File Manager for Symbian^3