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Talkonaut IM and VoIP For Java Mobile Phones

Talkonaut is a IM clients and VoIP application for your Java Cellphone.Talkonaut can be used with any Jabber account And that is all for FREE. Using Talkonaut you may now talk from your mobile to other Google Talk or MSN/Live Messenger users or even to any SIP phone or service.allows you to make cheap VoIP calls to any mobile or landline phones worldwide in a one-click way!

Talkonaut IM and VoIP For Java Mobile Phones 1Talkonaut is designed to use GPRS or Wi-Fi service. Talkonaut reconnects to Jabber server each time a data connection is lost and resends buffered data, thus none of your messages can be lost.

Talkonaut allows you to manage your list of contacts by adding, removing or renaming contacts. Your contacts are stored on Jabber server, but not on your phone, so any changes will be visible to you while conneting from your PC or from any other mobile with same credentials.

Talkonaut allows you to keep a list of mobile or landline phone numbers in your list of contacts and make voice calls to them in a very cheap manner.

Talkonaut allows you to make voice calls to your buddies who use Google Talk[tm].

Compatible Devices
Talkonaut IM and VoIP For Java Mobile Phones 2SonyEricsson P900 SonyEricsson P990i SonyEricsson S700i SonyEricsson S710a SonyEricsson V600i SonyEricsson V630iv SonyEricsson V800 SonyEricsson W200i SonyEricsson W300i SonyEricsson W550i SonyEricsson W600i SonyEricsson W700i SonyEricsson W710i SonyEricsson W800c SonyEricsson W800i SonyEricsson W810i SonyEricsson W810iv SonyEricsson W830i SonyEricsson W850i SonyEricsson W850iv SonyEricsson W880i SonyEricsson W880iv SonyEricsson W900i SonyEricsson W910i SonyEricsson W950i SonyEricsson Z1010 SonyEricsson Z310i SonyEricsson Z520a SonyEricsson Z520i SonyEricsson Z530i SonyEricsson Z550i SonyEricsson Z610i SonyEricsson Z710i SonyEricsson Z800 SonyEricsson Z800i

Siemens C65 Siemens C6V Siemens C72 Siemens C75 Siemens C81 Siemens CF75 Siemens CX65 Siemens CX70 Siemens CX75 Siemens E71 Siemens EF81 Siemens M65 Siemens M75 Siemens M81 Siemens ME75 Siemens S65 Siemens S68 Siemens S6V Siemens S75 Siemens SK65 Siemens SK6R Siemens SL65 Siemens SP65

Samsung PLSA920 Samsung SGH-A701 Samsung SGH-A707 Samsung SGH-D500 Samsung SGH-D500E Samsung SGH-D600 Samsung SGH-D600E Samsung SGH-D820 Samsung SGH-D900 Samsung SGH-E250 Samsung SGH-E340 Samsung SGH-E350 Samsung SGH-E350E Samsung SGH-E360 Samsung SGH-E370 Samsung SGH-E730 Samsung SGH-I607 Samsung SGH-X620 Samsung SGH-X670 Samsung SGH-X700 Samsung SGH-Z150 Samsung SGH-Z230 Samsung SGH-Z400 Samsung SGH-Z540 Samsung SGH-ZV50-Vodafone Samsung SPHA700 Samsung SPHA800 Samsung SPHA900 Samsung SPHA900P Samsung SPHA920 Samsung SPHA940 Samsung SPHM500 Samsung SPHM610 Samsung SPHM620

Sagem my700x Sagem myC5-2 Sagem myW-7 Sagem myX-5-2T Sagem myX-8 Sagem myX6-2
LG CU500 LG LX350 LG LX550 LG MG810D LG TU500

Nokia 6680 Nokia 6681 Nokia 6682 Nokia 6708 Nokia 6822 Nokia 7260 Nokia 7270 Nokia 7360 Nokia 7370 Nokia 7373 Nokia 7390 Nokia 7610 Nokia 7710 Nokia 8800 Nokia 8801 Nokia 9300 Nokia 9300i Nokia 9500 Nokia E50 Nokia E60 Nokia E61 Nokia E61i Nokia E62 Nokia E65 Nokia E70 Nokia N70 Nokia N71 Nokia N72 Nokia N73 Nokia N75 Nokia N80 Nokia N90 Nokia N91 Nokia N92 Nokia N93 Nokia N93i

Motorola A1200 Motorola A1200i Motorola A1200r Motorola A780 Motorola C380 Motorola C390 Motorola C650 Motorola E Motorola E1 Motorola E1000 Motorola E398 Motorola E398B Motorola E550 Motorola E770 Motorola K1 Motorola L2 Motorola L6 Motorola L6i Motorola L7 Motorola L7_MyLove Motorola L7e Motorola L7i Motorola L7v Motorola L9 Motorola MOTOROKR Motorola MOTOROKRE6 Motorola Motorola Motorola PEBL Motorola Q Motorola RAZRV3x Motorola RAZRV3xv Motorola RAZRV3xx Motorola RAZRV6 Motorola RAZRV6v Motorola ROKR Motorola ROMANI Motorola Roker Motorola Rokr Motorola V1050 Motorola V190 Motorola V220 Motorola V3 Motorola V300 Motorola V360 Motorola V360v Motorola V3i Motorola V3ie Motorola V3r Motorola V500 Motorola V525M Motorola V550 Motorola V551 Motorola V600 Motorola V620 Motorola V635 Motorola V80 Motorola V975 Motorola V980M Motorola Z3 Motorola e39

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