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TeaShark Mobile Web Browser Java (Jar/JAD)

TeaShark gives you full web browsing on your mobile phone with superb usability and performance.TeaShark renders web pages the same way as desktop browsers.
It’s no more mobile web with hardly any content. Your favourite sites are the same on your phone and the desktop.

TeaShark Mobile Web Browser Java (Jar/JAD) 1You have dozens of feeds and bookmarks in your PC browser, and you want them on your mobile. TeaShark allows you to migrate your desktop bookmarks to your phone, and back again.

TeaShark server blocks most ads banners and graphics, making sure they never arrive to your phone. Get your content compact and clean.

TeaShark a Mobile web browser



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  2. hi i like teashark

  3. I saw to my friend mobile its very nice and speed. good to use airtel users

  4. Teashark its fun,no need of money

  5. Wow wat way to acess web from mobile

  6. Hi i am using nokia 3120. can you please tell me that is teashark is working on this phone. if yes please send me the link from where i can get the teashark which supports to my nokia 3120.
    Thanks in advance for your kind help.

  7. I have Nokia 5610 Express music phone but teashark is not working for airtel live setting. Anybody can help???

  8. I have sony ericsson f305 teashark is not working on airtel live.

  9. I have sony ericsson K750i mobile. i just download and activate this Teashark web browser ver 9. when activated it opened, but when i again try to open this teashark it gives only blank page. kindly guide me, is it compatible for K750i if no, give me appropriate browser version. thanks

  10. Please does teashark work on samsung D600e, please reply me

  11. I am using nokia 5300

    Does dis work for nokia 5300

  12. I want to use teashark on nokia 2626 mob can i use

  13. i have n’t tested it

  14. rahul.p.nair(goku)

    does there is any way to see online video or online tv on sony ericsson f305 ? If you can pls reply me through sms. My no. 9567432804

  15. hi am using nokia 5310 express music…..its not working on my phone….pls help ..

  16. I have lg kp 500, i want tea shark web browser for using net on my phone. Plz help me.

  17. I dont know whats goin on im still trying to figure mine out

  18. Iam using nokia 2626 suggest a good web browser for my handset ….. Thank you in advance

  19. its very fast browser