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The Noble Quran – English Translation Full Version 1.14 Java (Jar/JAD)

This is a FREEWARE J2ME packaged software version of the human interpretation of the Quran in FULL literal English translation form (Surahs 1-114), for academics and educational purposes. It is sourced from a translation by Professor Hasan Qaribullah, Umm Durman Islamic University.

The Noble Quran v1.14



  1. Thanks for job well done

  2. Shaahd & hafizullah

    Regarding Noble Quran Translated by Mohsin Khan and Hilali.

    My brother in Islam, it’s really a good effort to spread islam. May Allah award you for this great task. Since now mobile/handphone technology is very much popular, we think it would be extremely beneficial for many muslims if you could give the mobile version of this software. The Quran translation is very necessary in our everyday life, and we don’t always carry laptop or desktop with us. But, everybody carries a handphone. So, if you could make the software which is compatabbe with Nokia, Ericson, Samsung, Simens, Motorola etc. Many university students will also be benefited form it, as well as the young new-comer Dai’. Already many translations are available as mobile software. But, this translation is now more popular and more widely accepted since the laguage of this translation is relatively easier and quite appropriate usage of words to undertand the meaning of the verse in an exact way. We request you to introduce the mobile version of this software. Thank you. May Allah accept all of us for his Deen.

  3. i need this porgram.

  4. finally, i found a quran translation which actually works for my samsung mobile. may Allah reward you for you efforts!