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Calc v.3.03

Calc is a Java calculator for MIDP or J2ME devices, such as a Java-enabled mobile phone or PDA. It was developed on a Sony Ericsson T610, which was my first Java-enabled phone but which has such a pitiful built-in calculator that I was compelled to develop this application.

Calc works much like a good old HP calculator with RPN logic, but the stack has 16 elements and you can see many of the elements on the stack simultaneously. I have chosen to use RPN logic (Reverse Polish Notation), because operating it requires less keys, you need only ENTER instead of “(“, “)” and “=”. Additionally, being able to store and see intermediate results on the stack is very advantageous.

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Calc – Java Calculator for cell-phones and MIDP devices
* Scientific
* Statistical
* Financial
* Programmable
* Graphing
* Complex arithmetic
* Matrix/vector arithmetic

The following MIDP phones/devices have been tested with Calc v3.00 and later

  • Sony Ericsson T6101,
    1, Z520i1,N,
    1, Z8001,2,N, Z1010, W600i,
    1,2,N, W810, K300i1, K510i,
    1,2,N, K750i, K800i: Tested OK

  • Sony Ericsson M600i: Tested OK. Awkward entering of
    numbers, ENTER and +, but the menu works fine using the touch-screen.

  • Nokia 32301,N, 5140i,
    N, 6103,
    1,2,N, 62651,N,
    1,N, 66701,N,
    1,2,N, 66811,N,
    1,2,N, N701,2,N, N73,
    1,2,N: Tested OK

  • Nokia N-gage: Only showing half the screen
  • Motorola Razr V31,
    V180, V220, V547
    1, V557, C380, C390, C650: Tested OK

  • Siemens A651,S, C751,S,
    1,N, AX72S, S65: Tested OK

  • BenQ-Siemens EF81: Tested OK
  • Samsung Z5001,2, SGH-D407, SGH-t519, SGH D600:
    Tested OK

  • Samsung E900: Tested almost OK. Problem with HEX input
  • LG U8802: Tested OK
  • Sharp 770sh1: Tested OK
  • Palm Zire 72: Tested OK. By using IBM’s WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment it should run on every device that’s supported by the VM, e.g. Palm’s Tungsten T5, Tungsten E2, LifeDrive or Treo 650

1 works with the normal Midp 1.0 version
2 works with the Midp 2.0 version
N works with the Nokia version
S works with the Siemens version
(if nothing is specified, I have not received detailed enough information)

Download Calc v.3.03