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Calc4M 1.15

Calc4M is a calculator for mobile phones. It works on phones with CLDC 1.0 and MIPD 2.0 which means most phones from 2004 and later, such as SonyEricsson K700 and Nokia 6230 and later. It is currently tested on SonyEricsson, Nokia, Samsung and Motorola platforms.

It is configurable and contains most of the normal functions such as trigonometric and logarithmic functions, conversions, constants, memories and binary and hexadecimal notation. The configurations include possibilities to
– display a welcome screen or not
– display the call stack or not
– automatically return to the basic arithmetic screen or not
– use full screen mode or not
– use nice looking button texts or “safe” texts that works in any mobile
– choose from two different keyboard layouts
– select calculation font size
– select default number format (sci/eng/default)
– decide type of “long button press” notification

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If you have a BlackBerry, you may also try the .cod version at Calc4M.cod



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