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Centurion File Manager 7.0

centurion zip
Centurion by Hylevich Petr is a file manager for mobile phones.You can copy, move, delete and rename files. It lets you create zip files, and you can extract zip and rar archives.


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  • Image viewer and simple editor
  • Working with tar, tar.gz, rar, zip and jar archives
  • jad – generator.
  • Built-in audio and video player.
  • Converter from mp3 to wav.

Centurion File Manager 7.0



  1. Oh very good.

    I like it.

    I like this product


  2. Hi, I’m using Nokia 5130 xm (s40), I wonder why the copy and move functions in centurion is disabled every time I try to use it. any help?

  3. Thank

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