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Fone Folio For Java Phones

Fone Folio is a ground breaking innovation for the next generation of cell phone use. This patent-pending technology bridges the gap between your PC and your cell phone in a unique, private and affordable way, giving you access to your own files, photos, spreadsheets, graphics and presentations.

Designed to work on virtually all currently available mobile phones, your files are instantly available to you anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.

Cool Stuff
  • DJK-Microtext 1.3.1
    DJK-Microtext is a program designed for reading diverse documentations (text files) directly from the mobile phone. The program is designed for people in fond of reading and not only, you can always read a favorite book, a documentation or funny …
  • Azan Times 2.1 for Worldwide Prayers For Mobile Phones
    Azan Times for worldwide Prayers for Mobile Phone is used to listen Azan (Athan, Adhan) automatically on every prayer time (Nazam, Salat) five times a day on the mobile phone.
  • MiniCommander v2.4
    MiniCommander by Yuri Kudrin File manager for mobile phones.Mobile phone with a file system support, MIDP-2.0, CLDC-1.0.


  • Works on virtually all currently available cell phones. Both Java™ and WAP 2.0 (mini-web browser) versions of our client software are available for your phone.

  • Supports: Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® PowerPoint, Corel WordPerfect®, Corel Quattro Pro® and Corel Presentations™.
  • Supports generic text in Unicode, ANSI, UTF-8, or big-endian Unicode formats.
  • Supports Comma Delimited spreadsheet data (.CSV).
  • Supports 12 of the most common image formats.
  • 128-bit encryption is used for all of your data, so you can be sure it’s secure.
  • All data is compressed for fast access and minimal carrier charges.
  • Supports these text attributes: Bold, Italic, Underline, Double Underline, Strikethrough, color (both foreground and background), Justification (left, center and right), text wrap (in spreadsheets) and vertical alignment in spreadsheets (top, center, bottom).
  • You can share selected items with others you choose. Even if they don’t have Fone Folio.

Fone Folio For Java Phones