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Guitar Tuner For Java Phones

Guitar Tuner will play all the notes of a standard 6 string guitar so you can easily tune your guitar with your mobile phone. Along with standard E tuning, it also does Eb and D tuning.

To use this program, press 1 through 6 and you’ll hear a series of beeps at the frequency of the string you pressed. Press *, 0, or # to change tunings. If you have trouble with this, send me an email so I know where potential problems are. To exit this application you may have to hold down the back button on your phone for a few seconds.

Guitar Tuner For Java Phones



  1. i am happy with this guitar tuner

  2. i need guitar tuner

  3. I’ve tried to install it on my cellphone but it did’nt work. Can you help me on this?My phone is a Sony ericson K770i. thanks.

  4. I install this one … and it didn’t work… my phone is NOKIA 2730 classic V07.70