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Haptic Clock v0.06

The Haptic Clock, by Che-Wei Wang, is a small clock program for Java powered mobile phones. The clock conveys time through a sequence of vibrations so you never have to pull the phone out of your pocket to tell time.

Long vibrations are the number of hours of the current time on a 12 hour clock, so 6pm and 6am are both 6 vibrations.
The shorter vibrations are the number of minutes divided by 5. So 4 vibrations is 20 minutes and 7 vibrations is 35 minutes.
Example: (3) long vibrations and (6) short vibrations means it’s 3:30. Just in case you do want to see the time, the screen displays the time with tick marks for hours, minutes and seconds.

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Instructions: Press ‘ 5? to vibrate the current time. Press ‘0? to exit program. UP and DOWN to control the speed of vibrations. Time alerts (vibrations) will occur automatically every 15 minutes on the hour.

Haptic Clock v0.06