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mFileManager 0.84

mFileManager is a simple file manager for java phones.
Application has these features:

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  • browsing of the file system (phone memory and MMC) including the hidden disks

  • you can set up the showing of hidden files and extensions
  • description of file types (not completed)
  • shows the free space
  • shows properties of one file or folder (name, type, size / size of contents, location, date and time of last change, hidden)
  • shows properties of more files or folders (count of selected items, total size of selected items, cound and total size of selected files or folders)

  • renaming of files or folders
  • creating of new files or folders

  • shows file system tree
  • creating of the Favorites list
  • deleting of files or folders (deleting of the contents of folders, too)
  • copying and moving of files and folders (contents of folders, too)
  • copy+paste or selecting of the target folder

  • you can make selection of more objects (files and folders) in the directory and do these actions: deleting, moving, copying
  • searching of objects and working with the search results (deleting, moving, copying, viewing of the properties, going to the parent directory)

mFileManager 0.84