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Mobiscope for Java Phones 1.3

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The Mobiscope allows you to access your camera through a mobile phone. In order
to start working with Mobiscope Desktop, you should have the Mobiscope Desktop to be
running on your computer (it should have ‘Online’ status in the Desktop).

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With Mobiscope you can:
* Securely view your home webcam from the office or the road.
* Monitor the security of your home.
* Be closer to friends and family by sharing your webcam with them.
* Be at work and see the kids and nanny at home.
* Let grandparents see their grandkids – safely and securely.
* Check on the pets from anywhere.

Mobiscope Features

  • Webcam-recorded video playback right on your mobile
  • Recording startup at motion detection
  • Customized scheduling for recording start/finish
  • Secure webcam access
  • Data transfer encryption
  • User-friendly interface

Mobiscope for Java Phones version 1.3


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