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Qibla Compass for Mobile Phones

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Qibla Compass by Guided Ways is a J2ME application that allows to find the Qibla direction from anywhere in the world from True North, the Position of the Sun and the Moon. Qibla Compass is your best companion whether you’re a casual traveler, at your work place, or simply at home.


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  • Anywhere in the world
    Unlike any other application you may find, Qibla Compass includes a huge database of locations and cities (around 24,000 of them in Qibla Compass Pro, while 576 cities in the Basic version).
  • Qibla from True North
    With Qibla Compass, you get an accurate direction to the Qibla from your city from the relative position of True North
  • Qibla from position of Sun
    With Qibla Compass Pro you can track the movement of the Sun on your handheld and the direction of Qibla relative to it.
  • Distance of Kabah from current location
    Use Qibla Compass to tell you the distance between the two places.
  • Bookmarks
    Set and retrieve bookmarks while you travel from one location to another. Changing back to a selected city is a key-press away. (Only in Qibla Compass Pro!)
  • Custom Cities
    Could not find your city in the built-in database? No problem. With Qibla Compass Pro you can create upto three custom cities!

A Java-enabled Mobile Phone that supports:
– MIDP 1.0 or 2.0
– JAR (Java Archive) files of size 520 KB+
– 100 KB of Free RAM (i.e. Phone memory, not Storage)

Qibla Compass 1.0