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Trackut 0.3 Jar/Jad For Java Mobile Phones

Trackut is a New Innovative Concept in Social Networking. With Trackut you can not only keep in touch with your friends but you can actually track them on the map. You have always wanted to meet one of your friend who has been tough to catch. With Trackut you can be alerted if he comes to your locality.

What is Innovative?

Social Networking on the go
Now you can keep track with your friends on the go. The mobile application lets you keep in touch with your friends and track them on the go.

Supports Live Location without GPS
Mobile application is able to use the tagged CELL-ID or Reverse Geocode Cell String to approximate the location. Users without GPS units will also be able to use the application.

Geography based Groups
Groups or Communities are associated geographically to any location through POIs giving a real feeling about the group like Coffee Day Group with the group POIs indicating the coffee day locations.

User Alerts based on relevant location points
Users will be alerted if his/her friend comes near the proximity of his location or any POI that he has marked.

Location Based History
Retrieval of locations visited in the recent past based on filters such as location, time, POI.

Trackut 0.3 For Mobile Phones