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TrainSchedule 2.2.17 Application For Java Mobile Phones

TrainSchedule is a Java (J2ME) application that runs on your phone, blackberry or PDA and displays schedule information on upcoming trains. If your phone is equipped with a GPS, you also can track yourself while on the train and find out if you’re maiking it on time or the train is delayed.

Offline transit directions, instantly accessible
Enter points A and B and the program will give you the best directions. It works in tunnels, subways – anywhere.

No hassle schedule updates
No need to reinstall the application when schedules change. Download new schedules directly to your phone at any point.

No typing
Just pick your stops from the stations list and Go! The recent entries are saved and accessible with a single click.

Maps & GPS
See your trip on a map and track yourself on the train to see if you’re making it on time.

You don’t need an expensive phone
You don’t need an iPhone or any expensive phone. This application works well on most basic regular phones.

Plan trips involving different railroads
Jumping between NJ TRANSIT and LIRR? Between Caltrain and BART? This application is for you – it integrates many railroads to give you the best directions.

TrainSchedule for J2ME phones (such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung).
TrainSchedule for Blackberry