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Trapster 3.2.5 Application For Java Mobile Phones

Trapster is an application for getting speed trap alerts on your mobile phones and other types of devices.

The small blue dot follows your GPS location in real time. The blue circle shows your alert radius. As you approach reported trap locations and one or more of the traps come within that blue circle, Trapster begins playing audio alerts such as “Live Police” or “Red Light Camera”, and animating the associated icons. Of course as with everything Trapster, you can report new traps and rate the traps that other users have reported.

Trapster will work on any phone that has full J2ME support, GPS hardware, and unrestricted GPS capabilities. If you bought an unlocked Nokia N95, N96, or similar device, it will almost certainly work.

Just go to trapster.com/m on your mobile browser and click the appropriate download link.