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TTSMS Reader 1.50

The N73 SMS Reader (TTSMS Reader) is a convenient and innovative text-to-speech message reader and inbox backup solution for your smartphone. It enables you to take full control of your text messages using simple joystick navigation and reads out all messages for you without letting you strain your eyes to read from the phone screen.

You can also make backup copies of all your messages using the N73 SMS Reader. If you happen to accidentally delete an important SMS, or your SMS database becomes corrupted, you can then rely on the backup copy that the program has created for you.

TTSMS Reader Features

  • Reads out existing text messages straight from the inbox or even from sent items whenever requested
  • Reads out new text messages either at user request or immediately when they arrive
  • Activity Icon for alerting the user whenever the program works in the background
  • Simple and Intuitive controls
  • Message Preview Option for displaying the last received message without actually opening it
  • Inbox Backup tool for exporting all messages to file

TTSMS Reader 1.50